Kepler Circulating Supply

Kepler Circulating Supply

The Kepler Network launched in March 4 2019, almost a year ago, so what have we been up to ?

Coding Away

Granted, our social media numbers haven't grown much during the past year as we've been mostly away coding and preparing for 2020 which is when we will launch the biggest blockchain development of the year (and what a way to start a new decade) Confidential Assets (CA).

Needless to say, this has been a great team effort and now we've assigned resources towards social media and marketing efforts, big things coming for Kepler!

The LitePaper

Around a week ago, we released our LitePaper, this is the basis of our Whitepaper which will of course address in full detail every aspect of the Kepler technology and how CA will work.

Kepler Economics

  • Max Kepler Supply 2,138,639,000 KMW

  • Premine 2% (42,000,000 KMW) to support long-term development

  • Initial Block Reward 1,000 KMW/block

  • Halving, every 2 years (1,048,320 blocks)

  • Block times 60 seconds

Below is Kepler's distribution, there was no ICO, no private sale, just good-old-fashioned POW mining !

Kepler was released on March 2019, we launched using POW on public mining pools such as on the first block, a 2% premine was issued and the community has been mining since launch.

Kepler will allocate said premine for supporting long term development, our goal is for Kepler to become the de-facto privacy blockchain solution.

In March 2021, Kepler will have it's first halving, reducing the block rewards down to 50% (500 KMW/block).

You can always check out the current KMW supply at our explorer: