Install and use the Kepler Desktop Wallet

Setting up and using Kepler's Desktop Wallet

Installing the wallet

This is a very popular 3rd party desktop wallet for Kepler, it's been created by community member 'Xiaojay'

Currently, the wallet supports these OS:

  • Windows
  • MacOS



  1. Download the wallet from
    Choose Windows



  1. On first run, we can see this welcome screen asking us to create a new wallet


  1. Remember to back up these seed words, they hold full access to your wallet


  1. After backing up, login to your wallet



  1. Send some funds for test, this option will create a send file, the receiver needs to accept this file in order for the transaction to be completed.



  1. After the receiving party accepts the file, that person will see this screen ^

Mac OS

The Kepler Desktop Wallet also supports MacOS

Download the wallet from Releases · xiaojay/keplerwallet · GitHub
Choose the Mac OS version

Open the .dmg file you've downloaded and drag the App into the Applications folder

This error shows up when you try to open the wallet for the first time, it can be ignored, press Cancel here

On second launch, you'll see the option to open the wallet, after you give authorization here, you will not be asked the same question again.

This is the welcome screen that will show up on first launch

Make sure to back up your seed words here, without them you will lose access to your funds

Login screen after you launch the wallet again

Here we're receiving a transaction file

After confirming and finalizing, you will see your available funds.