How to use the Kepler Mining Pool

How to use the Kepler mining pool

The official Kepler mining pool is at

  1. Sign up/sign in at the pool

  1. After signing up, set up your 2fa by going into "miners"

  1. Back up your 2fa key and verify it on your phone

  1. Enter your miner password (this can be any word, don't forget, you'll need it)

  1. You can start mining with Downloads - Bminer or if you don't have a GPU capable of mining Kepler (Cuckatoo31 which requires 8gb+ RAM), you can go ahead and rent hash on

  1. Enter the pool access info: user: yourusername password: yourminerpassword

  1. Set up your price and go ahead and rent it

  1. After some hours (12-24), you will start to see your balance in the pool and can withdraw.

  1. After clicking on Withdraw and entering your 2fa code

  1. After you've entered the code and clicked on submit, you'll see the Download button. The button will download a file, this file cointains your funds and needs to be imported into your kepler wallet

  1. The file will download to your "Downloads" folder, this will take place in both Mac OS and Linux, you need to open the terminal and go into your Downloads folder.

  1. While in your Downloads folder, type the following: kepler-wallet receive -i yourdownloadedfile.json

    in our case, the filename was df32050d-fec6-4801-b38a-1c2aae86f389.tx.json

    this will create a file called yourdownloadedfile.json.response

    Now, we need to upload this file to the pool in order to process the withdrawal:

  1. Click on "finalize", this will launch a dialog screen, select your .response file and upload it. The pool will automatically verify the file and process your withdrawal.

  1. After >10 confirmations on the Kepler network, you can now see your balance has been confirmed by typing kepler-wallet info